Here's one game that was begging for a Speedup chip. Make Trax is way too hard and unfair. Those little fish guys start going faster than you after the 2nd screen. It's impossible! Now, with Make Trax Turbo, the game is way, way more fun. Make Trax Turbo makes the paint brush zoom! Never go slower than the enemies. Now, how long you play is based on your skill.

No soldering required. Install with a flathead screwdriver in minutes. No permanent changes are made to your game. If you ever want to go back, simply replace the original chip.

To install, you'll need a blank EPROM the same size as the one at location 6H and an EPROM programmer. Download this ROM image, unzip, burn and replace the EPROM at location 6H with the newly burned chip.

Installation instructions. Use at your own risk.

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