This game is WAY too hard. If you can get to the second stage, you're doing really good. Forget about getting further than that. It just ain't gonna happen. I gave one of these machines to a very good friend of mine for Christmas about 8-9 years ago. I always felt a little guilty for giving him a game that was so frickin' impossible. Well, now I know a little more about how these games work. This Christmas, I decided to make the game more playble. I sat down for a couple hours and made some cheats for the game. I'll go put them in his game on Christmas day. What the heck, I might as well make it available for everyone else to download, too. Merry Christmas!

Hack 1. Turbo.

I didn't want to make a cheat that would make the game too easy. A speedup for Bagman seemed like a good idea. It's a popular one for Pac-man/Ms. Pac-man and I recently made one for Make Trax. I didn't want it to be Turbo all the time, though. That would make the game too easy. So, I decided to make Turbo active only when you hold player 1 start during the game. Here's the changes I made, commented to make it easy to follow along with what I did.

Now, Le Bagnard really moves when you hold start 1.

Hack 2. Impotent guards.

Turbo made the game much more playble, but you could still get into some sticky situations where a little more cheating would come in handy, like when those guards get you trapped in a dead end. I decided to also add the option to turn off the guard collision detection. I didn't want it off all the time, though, so I made it so you have to hold player 2 start to turn off guard collisions and collision detection returns when you let go.

Now, you'll pass right through the guards when you're holding start 2.

Downloads Two changed EPROMs for the Stern version of Bagman.

If you need to yell at me, email me at [email protected].

I made these patches because I enjoy figuring out how to do them and I really wanted to see these improvements made to the game. I don't expect to make a bunch of money from them, so they're free for downloading. If you decide you want to sell them to folks, please only charge for the cost of the blank EPROMs and shipping. I wouldn't appreciate you making a profit from my work.