I saw someone post pictures of a rare Exidy Victory cabinet they had found and so I checked the game out in MAME. It was pretty cool but didn't play right with a mouse so I decided to keep an eye out for a cabinet. Eventually one turned up on eBay. It wasn't in great shape and wasn't working all the way, but these things don't usually stop me so I put in a bid. A friend, Al Kossow, saw me bidding on it and asked if I was interested in his. D'oh! Didn't know he had one. Oh, yes, I'm interested. I picked it up for a fair price. It wasn't working, but Al generously gave me enough spare parts and PCB's to get it going in no time. It's sort of a cross between Defender, Blasteroids and Gravitar. There exists a nutty Monty Python-ish conversion of the game called Victor Banana. It's a ROM swap. If I can get ahold of a marquee, I'll probably change it to be a Victor Banana.