This is the cockpit version. It came without a monitor. They shipped from the factory with 25" Amplifone monitors, but they were so unreliable, many operators chucked them, put a shelf in the cabinet and put WG6100's in. This one had a shelf, but the WG6100 was nowhere to be found. Yes, I did even look in the coin box.
Before I took delivery of the cabinet, I saw a WG6100 monitor on eBay sitting in a stripped, water-damaged Tempest cabinet with a $50 "Buy it now", located about two hours away from me. Before Obi Wan could say "Use the Force, Luke", I made the appropriate mouse clicks to make it mine. I then got the seller to take the monitor out of the cabinet and deliver it to my door for another $50. Before I even plugged the monitor in to see if it worked, I installed a LV2000, a Bob Robert's "get well" kit and reflowed all the solder joints.
Meanwhile, the cabinet needed some work, too. The PCB was there as was the power supply and the transformer assembly, but none of it was hooked up and there was no power cord. I cleaned out the dirt and leaves from the inside and put it all together. Happily, it was all there except the power cord. I made up a new one pretty quickly with my trusty crimp-tool. When I finally powered it up... "The Force will be with you", promised Obi-Wan. I trusted him, so I brought over the monitor and plugged it in. Flipped the switch... "The Force will be with you", Ben assured me again. But no picture. Ugh. I looked things over and, hey, wait a minute! That there connector right there should be plugged in! I plugged it in, powered it back on, yeah, yeah, the Force, right. Give me picture! Slowly, the image of the Death Star faded into view. Yes! A little adjusting and... beautiful picture!
The cabinet was also missing most of the yoke controller parts, but a friend, Al Kossow, had a complete control panel in nice shape he sold me at a good price.