After playing this game in MAME, I decided I needed to get a whole cabinet to play it properly. Road Runner is an extremely hard game. You've got to have lightning fast reflexes and control to get further than the first few screens.
I got an empty Atari System 1 cabinet for free from a friend (Ken Chaney) (it was a former Road Blasters cabinet which needed a good cleaning). I got the PCB for $25. It was untested and arrived missing a few parts. I replaced the missing parts and it worked, but the speech didn't work. I ended up buying an unknown cart off eBay for $25 that turned out to be an Indiana Jones. I swapped all the EPROMs, PROMs and Slapstic from the Road Runner onto it and that works great.
I bought a NOS control panel including the Hall Effect stick, for $100, but I stole the stick to use on my I, Robot. That left me with the choice of using my stiff, yukky I, Robot stick on it, hacking an 8-way to work, or figuring out something else. What I ended up doing was creating a circuit to use a Williams 49-way stick from NFL Blitz (see my "random info" page). Another friend (Mark Frisbie) had a nice marquee that he let me buy for $25.
Anyone have Atari System 1 side art for sale?