Somone on the newsgroups asked about putting a switching supply into a Qix machine, so I told them what little I knew on the subject. It turned out they had a Mini with Qix II (Tournament) ROMs installed. I offered to take it off their hands for a fair price and they accepted, knowing what a pain these machines are to get running.
Shipping was cheap since it was such a small cabinet. It arrived with no power supply and a dead main CPU board with the original battery present, but not leaking badly (as expected).
I tested the CPU board in another machine and it was, indeed, dead, but the ROM and sound boards were good. I put together a good CPU board from the ever growing pile of Taito boards I'm accumulating. Next I installed a PC-AT switching supply, and one of Mark Spaeth's NV RAM boards, for 10 years of battery backed bliss.
All that's left is to wire up the AC power properly so the main power and interlock switches all work right after putting that PC supply in.
If I can ever find out if there was ever an official Qix II marquee, I may try to draw one. I know it was an official ROM upgrade from Taito, but nobody I've talked to has ever seen a marquee.