Replacing a 4116 DRAM with a 4164: [Image] [Image] 1. Bend pins 1 and 8 out on the 4164 so they can't go into the 4116's socket. 2. Run a jumper wire from pin 9 (which is actually A7 on the 4164, but it's +5 on a 4116) to pin 8 (which is Vcc on the 4164). This kills two birds with one stone-- the 4164's A7 line is held high (it's not present on a 4116) and the 4164 gets +5V. 3. Trim off pins 1 and 8 so the ends of the legs don't get caught on anything or short anything out. (Pin 1 on the 4164 is a No Connect, so you can actually cut it off completely.) 4. You're done! Plug the modified 4164 into a 4116 socket and you're off. Notes: I've done this on a couple of projects, including a Robotron CPU board. I haven't had any problems, but I suppose it's possible that it might not work in some system... -Clay