I only know of two complete Inferno cabinets besides mine and the same guy owns them both. Mine is serial number 50008. His are serial numbers 50007 and 50047. There must have been only 50 made. Mine is in nice shape, but the side art is pretty much toast. Someday I may get a good scan and redraw it. The joystick handles were also cracked and one was missing its thumb button. I had a couple Blaster cabinets also with cracked joystick handles and knew a lot of people who also had cracked handles, so I decided to look into reproing the handles. I knew someone with an intact set that I was able to borrow to make the molds but it turned out to be way too expensive to have done. then I met someone in the plastic molding business who collected arcade games. In exchange for fixing up a game or two of his, he called on a favor and got a big company to do a small run of 25 handles at a cost of about $60 each. I did a little market research and decided I could sell enough of the extras to cover the cost of doing it, so I went ahead and did it. They came out great, but it actually took about 18 months to finally sell enough of the extras to make my money back. I currently still have four left. I'll probably keep two as spares just in case. I'm still bugging him to repro some thumb buttons.
The picture used in the KLOV is of this very machine.