Hack in progress.

I never finished this hack and I may never finish it, so I'm posting it here in case anyone else wants to tinker with it. I lost my source code for the Tron and eDoT hacks so it seems like a good idea to get this out into the world in case I lose it too.

Defender and Stargate were favorites of mine. Not many people realize that they made a sequel to these two classics called Strike Force. Not many people knew that because the game kinda sucked. Someone at Williams got the bright idea that Defender's controls were too difficult and so made Strike Force work with 8-way sticks, but left the game play nearly the same as Defender. I think this was a big reason the game is no fun. Um, hello? Defender raked in aboutazillion quarters. If it's not broke, don't fix it!

So anyway, my grand idea was to rescue Strike Force and covert it to use Defender-style controls. Here is my attempt. It sort of works but with some issues I never got around to resolving. Details are in the notes. I don't have a complied version, sorry!