What a cool cabinet! The game only has two colors... red and blue. The image from the monitor is reflected, filtered and merged with the image of an actual modeled terrain with about 3" of depth. The blue colored objects (your ship and enemy ships), appear to float at the top level of the terrain. The red colored objects appear to rest on the bottom of the terrain. A spinner controls your direction. You thrust and fire like Asteroids, but you can also "laser" the enemies on the level below you. It's more like bombing. When you hold down the laser button, impacts or explosions appear on the level below you, destroying any enemies they touch. There's a cannon-type thing on tracks on the "ground" that shoots up at you. There's also a "volcano" in the lower right quarter that occasionally "erupts" into the upper level. When you fire, your shots hit the sides of the terrain and you can bump into the top of the volcano. You can get down to the lower level of game play by entering a tube in the upper right quarter.
The 3D effect is really quite good. The lower and upper levels appear to be about 3" apart from each other. The marquee is a printout of a JPEG, but otherwise the cabinet is in really nice shape! Anyone have a marquee?