I have always been a big fan of arcade games. From the first time I played a pong machine in a dentist's office in 1976, I was hooked. Growing up in the Belmont & Kimball area of Chicago, I stuck every quarter I could scrounge up into every arcade game I could find on foot. When I was old enough to get my first 1 bedroom apartment in 1987 (with a roommate), after I got a bed and a couch, I bought a couple arcade games out of the local paper -- a generic JAMMA cabinet and an Armor Attack. It was a 2nd floor apartment and getting them up the stairs without a dolly or hand truck was a challenge. It was good to be young and strong. When I moved into a 2-bedroom house down the street, a year later, I made the 2nd bedroom the arcade. I filled it with all sorts of great games like Tron, Battlezone, Rush 'n Attack (okay, they weren't all great), Star Castle, Tempest, etc.

Over the last 14+ years of collecting arcade games, I've owned, played and grown tired of almost every game I've wanted to have. My collecting frenzy has begun to slow. In September of 2001, I had 38 games. I took 30 of them to the CA Extreme show and it was then that I realized I had too many games. Moving 30 games at once was a huge PITA and if I ever want to move, which I do, it would be crazy. I decided to whittle my collection down to the ones that I'd like to keep forever, if possible. The Discs of Tron will never be sold, so you can all stop emailing me about selling it. ;-) Now, I'll only pick up a game if I really like it a lot and plan to keep it forever. I'd like to keep my collection under 10 games... a little more managable size.

If you have any questions about a particular game, feel free to drop me a note and I'd be glad to answer the best I can.

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